My tank needs help!

Copuy and paste:

I am not sure what else to add to it… btw, I didn’t look off anythingf ro this tank heh and please dont comment on the weels ^_^. Anyways some sugestion to the body will be helpful!

What was the inspiration for that one? I had a toy G.I. Joe tank like that when i was a kid!!! :slight_smile:

I’ll break the rule and comment about the wheels. How did you model them? overall a nice model. No glass for the driver to see through?

nothing really missing, but it needs more signs of mechanics. Panels, scratches, rivets, something to break up the flat surfaces. Take a look at other tanks and you’ll see that they’ve got lots of stuff everywhere. The wheels are pretty good, although the tread seems a little too spaced.

It is probably perspective, but it looks like the tank would tip forwards.

I like it. It looks good but i agree what banana_sock says : it seems like it will tip forwards.
I am not sure what’s the general mood you’re aiming for but if you would go for cartoonlike, just add some rockets and other big stuff on the back of the tank. That will solve the tipping over problem.
( works also if you want a realistic tank but then you would have to think better about what “weight/weapones” you put on the back)

Room of improvement but a very nice start