My testing: Cycles on an R9-390x + GTX 650 + i7 5820k on OpenCL


Well the whine is no big deal unless I’m using SFM where it kinda annoys me. For some reason SFM makes it whine.

When I get the fury I will be running all sorts of blender tests.

Also HBM is 4096-bit.

Would be great if you get a Fury and post results :slight_smile:
Of course, the bus width is 4096, compared to the 512 bits of your 390X, 8x higher. But your GDDR5 I/O clock is 3.440 MHz, HBM is clocked at 500 MHz, so you can trust my numbers on the bandwidth, which is what really counts. Of course, HBM is a great technology but in terms of pure speed, the bus width is not the only factor.

BTW: your clocks are extraordinary high, I suppose Hynix GDDR5 chips? What Manufacturer is this card from?
btw2: you could also downclock your GDDR5 and directly see the impact of bandwidth on render time.

Assumption confirmed: With 15.7 driver, I get 1:00, so about -20 seconds:yes: