My tests

Hi, always when i find some free time, i do tests in blender (blender and coffee i love it :wink: )
sss, sometimes sculpting and lighting as well, so i decided to make my own thread for that stuff.


No hairs, cloth and other stuff here yet, but maybe i spend a little more time, on this one, sorry for nasty details here, i probably do better one later.

It should be orc, but something goes wrong during the sculpting, i dont have idea what and now its looks like some kind of vampire.

Strange place.
I dont really like modelling and rendering interiors but i just felt need to try indigo.

thats all for now

very nice!
and creepy
mind sharing your sculpting techniques? :slight_smile:

That’s a killer orc, terrific job.

All great stuff. Got more eye candy for us?

Jeepster, nothing special in my workflow, usually i start sculpting from simple base mesh, if i need many details i sculpt in zbrush, if not i use blender’s sculpt tool, most often i use grab, draw and smooth brushes in blender, in zb i use standard, clay, move and smooth brushes thats all:)
screen shoot from zb

thedaemon i try post something later.

Thank You guys for comments

ooooooh zbrush

Wow, looks so great!

/ Mats

I always love seeing your work. Thanks for sharing. Was the Vamp/Orc done in Blender or Zbrush? A vampric orc would be interesting to do.

Thank You for comments, glad You like it guys.
linuxpimp21 yea orc was sculpted in zb, i try post something from blender soon.

Here is particle test, hairs still need some tweaking, but it already looks like hairs:)

For what it’s worth, the eyelids on that face are terrific in the shape and the detail, they have a real life under them that does buckets for the rest of the model. If there’s anything specifically about the base mesh topology that’s different from most people’s modelling process, I think it’d be great to see a picture of the mesh. :slight_smile:

That hair looks terrific!
Why is this a blender test? This could easily land you 5 stars in Finished Projects. :slight_smile:

The hair to the left of the ear seems to start out of nowhere, but the eyebrows don’t look like they have that problem. The ear itself looks less textured than the rest of the face.

Looks fantastic, keep it up :).

Excellent work! But there is something odd about the ear. Can’ quite put my finger on it.

Thank You for comments guys!
I try work on last one a little longer, if i find time of course, and sure i post it into forum’s gallery.

Eels I think, i know what You mate talking about, i spend some more time on ear.

otto riis, it’s just illusion i think, or maybe lack of details there, becouse whole head model almost dont have textures, i only use simple epidermal and specular maps, complicated textures interfere with model and shading effects (3 layer sss) and it’s dont look good.

I’m so glad you didn’t enter the Blending Life contest. You kick some serious butt. :smiley:

btw. Why didn’t you enter the Blending Life contest?

I sign up for the contest but I don’t find time to finish my model, yea quite strange there was enough time for that, but You know how real life can be cruel :wink: work, family, that stuff:)

I know. My wife nags on me if I’m in front of the computer.:smiley:

To bad. You would have won easily .

I love your camera chromatic distortions or whatever I should call it hehe (sorry only sleep 3 hours, dammed work!!!). Could you upload your nodes configuration or give some hints in order to learn how this great effects, that add very credibility to the render, are do it? Thank you very very much in advance :yes: Keep on blendering.

Add->distort->Lens distortion in composite nodes of course

Lol I don’t remembered that, I have the first prize to the most stupid question of the year. I only use nodes a few times, mostly for glow and some simple filters. Did you use another node to magnify that effect or improve this renders? Thanks :wink: