My texture deforms when stretched, how to fix it?

Unfortunately I need to move the bones.

This is how it should show:

But this is how it shows:

I had to lower the resolution of the texture file for me to afford to upload it here. And removed others too. But this does the job to show you what is the situation.

Feel free to inspect the file:

DBP-Cyc-4Bones-test.blend (2.3 MB)

what do you expect ?
if the faces deform then the texture will also deform !

happy bl

I’m sure you have been there before. What did you do to overcome this problem RB?

I did not use rig in 2.8 yet
may be someone else can help

give more details on what you are trying to do !

you have a cube with bones ?

and then what you do with this ?


You object have inner faces that poke through the outer faces during deformations. From above, select the 4 inner faces and hit + until you’ve got them all and delete them. Might also want to unify the normals. If you want a paper bag to have “thickness”, either fake it with different shading at the rim, or add proper thickness at the rim only.

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