My texture map moves when I rotate the bone?

Im trying to Animate a 2d eye ball with an iris inside to be masked, I achieved this with combination of two texture planes and one to animate it with a driver that drives the vector map of one of the textures, the white eyeball works also as a mask since its connected to the alpha channel. However when I rig it and rotate it with the rest of the body the texture moves on its own like the alpha is just a mask and it moves through the other texture without me controling it? Can anyone let me know how do I fix this, I also tried through greace pencil but it still gives me the same effect.

Welcome :tada:,
well you screenshot just show us it does work… as you already wrote… no bone setup or anything… so i guess:

  1. Is every object normalized ( → scale applied to 1)?
  2. you said two texture planes and one animated with a driver… ?? not both ?
  3. …drives the vector map… ?? usually a UV mapped object doesn’t have to be driven by a differnet (changed) vector mapping… (exept if you drive the size of the pupiles)

You may tell/show more about you setup?

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