My Textures Stretching

I have textured a plane, and since its so big the texture is stretched. is there a way to tile a texture onto a single object?

You can hit T and choose texture scale, this may help you.

‘t’ on which mode…Whenever I press t on everyother mode a box pops up and says “Grab/Move or Size”…what do I do?

T in object mode mode , with the object selected, and you see the options that you just stated. Choose Size, and then drag the mouse to scale the bounding box up or down to change the texture space.
Alternatively, you could also play with the min/max buttons under the F6 tab where your image texture is set, and use a Shift-P preview render panel to check the placement.
Also, you could use an empty placed inside your object, named under the obj on map input panel under F5 texture pane. Scaling and moving the empty is how decals are placed on F1 rqacer models and other stuff.
And you could also look up UV Unwrapping on the wiki link in my sig below.