my theme

hi blender artist ,
so many time,s sens i have been working in blender and i wasn’t sure of my skills , so i said: if i never try ill never know, so i mad this video of my theme
made it in blender 2.77 internal render ,not cycle,s i mad a particle system of 200,000 particle, and it took me a lot of time to bake the simulation , the render too like 3 day,s to render it
nothing especul in the composted

this is the theme

check the vid

so tell me what do you think
feed back will be great
and thank you for your time :slight_smile:

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200,000 particles! jeese!
Looks really nice though! like fireworks or something beneath the water! - I missed a soundtrack…
Anyway, what a nice and “magical” pattern and design this is!.., I didnt actually know that this could be done in Blender…

thank you so much for your word,s , and yeah i can see how this sound,s 200,000 is a very high number
that,s why it took me 3 day,s to render it, and the good thing is that i render it as png sequence so i could stop and start from where ever i want