My third interior render

(Willbinet) #1

Hello everyone!

Here is my third interior render. Mainly inspired by a photo of Gottfried Spech.
The stools are the A 56 designed by Xavier Pauchard.

Rendered with cycles and postprod with photoshop.

I really hope you will enjoy!


(Sayan_Mondal) #2

The floor, chairs and wall looks realistic. The only critique would be that the black ceiling support could be more realistic. Would love to see the lighting setup. Great job man.

(Willbinet) #3

Thank for your comment :smiley:
I will change my texture to have a better result.
The lighting is an hdri and a area light. The rest is just postproduction!

(Willbinet) #4

I have modify the black ceiling support

(mbmt13390) #5

you are an artist :slight_smile:
please the next work try to show us some exterior we
need to see this professional touch in exterior too please :slight_smile:

(Willbinet) #6

Thank you very much for your comments! It’s ok I will try to do an exterior the next time!

(Remade) #7

very nice image,lighting looks realistic.overexposed window is little distracting for the composition.(seeing buildings outside might be more interesting)

(mbmt13390) #8

:smiley: thank you

(Willbinet) #9

I take note of all your opinions. Thank you for your suggestions guys! :smiley:

(Mattheus) #10

i love all your interior renders. please, please show us more of them…keep going with this style. it´s great

(Willbinet) #11

Thanks a lot for your comments guys you are awesome! :smiley:
You wanna see more render or more about this render?

(Mattheus) #12

more Render :slight_smile:

(different interiors in this style)

(SunBurn) #13

Although a render of great quality this Cycles noise its always so profound in all Interior scenes. It is becoming like a trademark you can immediately distinguish a Cycles render.

I would like to see a couple of wires and also some light setup with render times.

I’m curious if the scene is fully closed or you removed a couple of walls to avoid the Cycles noise curse.

(Willbinet) #14

Indeed the noise is more present in this render sorry for that.
The scene is fully close.
The only source of lighting is the window. I used an HDRI and one area light neer the opening. Very simple ^^

(Dave0) #15

nicely done!

(bat3a) #16

very good render:
-the damaged floor panels near the chair need some work, you can add little pieces here and there on the naked area, also add some damage near the walls, it very rare to have a damage in one place in any place.
-the supporting wood should also have some damage too.

but very good image composition.

(fordgud4dall) #17

I like this quite a lot, the over exposed windows is how a photograph would look and the damage to the floor is just right. The only criticism is that the depth of field looks a bit over done.