My Third Model

Long time since i have been here :yes::slight_smile: anyway what do you think of my work in progress model.I think this has been my most “Successful” i have made well im only a beginner. im currently practicing modeling. Maybe i get down to texturing,rendering,lighting,Animation,Programming, etc but i kinda get get my hands tied.
Anyway here is my model and past models. Please could you give me feedback and compare the past models (Attempts) haaha
My second model is the animal thing i used this

And it has gone a bit wrong :slight_smile: im still on a long way. And im going too use model for my science project based on recycling.


Looks cute. :slight_smile:

Just keep practicing; learn about blender first, once you are more familiar with that, model a real-world object, that you can pick up and examine. After that… Well, whatever takes your fancy

Thank you i will learn blender and will keep practicing Thank so very much amigo. :D:)