My thoughts about Poliigon

(LDAsh) #42

OP has shown very good ethics by posting around and warning other artists of potential hazards.
I don’t know what kind of person tries to say “look at this mean old consumer trying to hold this poor innocent little money-grubbing company accountable! What a meanie!” - that’s exactly what people should be doing!

When you start lathering yourself in corporatism and abstract license agreements, you lose the “hey, I’m just the friendly lemonade stand next-door, don’t blame me!” damage-control.

Now Dodododorian96 is made to feel like a bully and a whining brat - and absolutely shouldn’t.

(BlackRainbow) #43

“we have so many subscribers, where do we stock your credits guys ? please understand , thoses credits are bulky and take lots of spaces, Andrew bedroom is already full of thoses and his wife cant take it anymore , and we dont have any room left ! thats why ! we dont want to steal the opportunity of selling textures you could have bought with the credits you could have accumulated AT ALL, ooh nooo, trust me .”

Nice example of “very good ethics”.

(LDAsh) #44

Nice example of basic misunderstanding of sarcasm… That is clearly just questioning the reasoning behind credits expiring at all if not for the sake of scooping up a customer’s money without much logic besides hoping they’ll come back and spend more or feel pressured into an impulse “purchase”. It was funny and made a point (to those of us intelligent enough to understand it, I guess).

(Dodododorian96) #45

I Just tried to show to everyone via sarcasm that there’s not good reasons for thoses terms to exist

Also , im sorry if i offended you or anyone else , but dont forget that i Just lose 40$ worth of creds like magic , im butt hurt and mad about this , and its normal dont you think ?

… and im certainly not the first person that had this experience , i dont want any more blender user to experience the same.

(melvi) #46

Exactly. Now combine that with free texture sites and google image search, and using a tool like Bitmap2Material, AwesomeBump or the latest one Materialize and you’ll get more flexibility, more ways to create shaders and in general more creative ways to do things.

Since i became a Substance abuser i actually never used textures anymore except for rare exceptions.

Thanks for your post. I would never have known about Materialize software. I checked it out. Can’t believe its free and open source. It’s exactly what I need.

(Thesonofhendrix) #47

I subscribed for a few months, just to download the best textures so i had a good choice in every type of material.
Then i cancelled as i don’t really need it anymore… It was worth it i think… But whats this about just using a color ramp node from the diffuse texture… can you prove that doing that results in better materials than having a roughness map, normal map, metalness map, displacement map and such? As for memory im always using massive texture files all over the place and never ever ran into a memory problem. Just a mid range GTX1070 8GB card from years ago + 32GB system ram. And don’t forget in the future 16GB + graphcis cards will become the new mid range, so no need to conserve memory, unless you’re doing game development or something.

(CarlG) #48

What the future brings don’t help me running out of memory constantly now :slight_smile:
I only tried the free ones, and I do like the high res stuff - not so much for using as a repeatable texture, but for random lookup stuff on tiles etc. Image textures usually can provide better variation on details that what I can achieve with a reasonable amount of low detail generators (and it doesn’t take Eevee much to choke on them for now).

But you can do a lot more than color ramp generators/image into i.e. roughness. I.e. (Red * Green) ^ Blue / (Saturation - Hue) for something that may look completely different than any of the channels. No, you won’t get a more accurate roughness or height map this way compared to a dedicated generation. But often (don’t know about the polygon textures) I find it obvious that these maps are derivatives that could have been mimicked. Although it would take time to explore and setup - time you might not have. Heck, in some cases you can even find “different” textures of a certain type where they didn’t even bother changing the generator seed, which I find incredibly lazy.

The overlay stuff is magnificent, although I don’t use them as much as I should, even though they can be used for a lot more than what they are intended for. For some, it might be worth subbing just to grab these alone. As much as I like them and might want them, it’s not what I typically do when I do the occasional render at work, so I never bothered.

(Thesonofhendrix) #49

Yea i tried using the separate RGB node on an image texture to get bump maps and such, but only as a last resort if I only have a diffuse map to work with. The thing is Poliigon IMO is way way better than textures dot com, for example. They are insane with their credits, i calculated that for one scanned rock, when you download the mesh, and all its high res textures, bump maps etc costs about £400!!! If you were to use it for a large scene with thousands of assets, you’re talking many tens of thousands of £££. Crazy prices for their normal textures as well and only available if you have premium credits unless you like to use 512x512 textures.

(Peetie) #50

Just want to make a side note about textures.
I believe you cannot just take a picture and use those values as albedo-values. Generally, all textures on every site are to bright and sometimes they used contrast that start to clip values. Saw something recently on our well known market.
So, such prices for Textures, they should have plausible albedo values. While those are not the worst textures, its far from plausible albedo values on Poliigon.

(Ace Dragon) #51

I am not really invested at all into purchasing materials from services like Polligon so I have no opinion about the quality of their material, but I do know that it’s quite common for texture makers to charge high prices for what they make.

Of course there’s the solid blue normal textures for materials without depth, I hope Andrew Price realizes he can save space on the server by replacing them with a notice that the material doesn’t use such a map. I will make the disclaimer that I haven’t recently visited the site, but there shouldn’t be an image for any given slot if it would otherwise not have detail, just replace it with the float number to type in.