My tonberry Model

hello I would like too get feedback on what I think is my best blender model.


Ok post this in focused critique,

Second off, you need a uv mapped texture,

third that looks like alot of polygons, this can be good if you have that much detail, however in this case it does not
add much,

look at modifiers - Decimate

Also look at uv mapped textures,
and get GIMP, and draw the textures, as they can be much more stylised that way :smiley:

you’re going to need to learn to use 1 model with multiple materials, otherwise it’s impossible to animate easily.

and you should post a wireframe, but it looks like you’re topography needs a little work.

try starting with a cube, and set 1 level of subdivision(don’t apply it) extrude faces and then scale them,
after toying with this for a while you should be set to do a “box modeled” simple geometry, that can be subdivided into a clean tonberry. This is nice for UV unwrapping and animating and probably a lot more.

here is a .blend and image

I could have taken more time, but this was just a quick example


TonberryExample.blend (621 KB)

I just have the sub serf on when I rendered too get that too see what it looks like but yeah I can uv maping i’m just not used too doing that. it’s one one mesh aside from the feet at the moment.

how do I take pics without rendering them like a button so I can pose a wireframe pic. My top

I will post more pics ses what ya think. I don’t have gimp but do have something just not as good.

You can hit the button in the 3d viewport to opengl render whatever you see in it.

Yeah my newer version of it should be better I reduced the vertexes while keeping it as many as 4 sided and made some textures for it.

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