My tool shelf moved to the right side.

Hi, While I’m working on my 3d window, somehow my tool shelf moved to the right side.
When I press T key to show/hide my tool shelf it appears on the right of the property panel.

If I create brand new 3d window, the tool shelf appears on the left side (normally).
However, I can not create new 3d panel because I’ve already setup background images and everything (I don’t want to loose my settings on this 3d windows)

It’s operative but still annoying.

Can anybody know how to move my tool shelf to the left side?
Thank you.

Move mouse over it and hit F5. You can do the same with N panel.

BOOM! That’s it, spot on.

Make sure your mouse is over the top half of the toolshelf rather than the little toolbox section that you can get at the bottom. The same thing (F5) works on the headers too, although they also have a right click ‘flip to bottom/top’ context menu appear with a couple of other options.

Perhaps this little context menu should also be included for the toolshelf/properties sidebars too? Any takers?

Thank you. It worked. I hope not to forget later^^