My tools!

What do you think?! Took a while to render I must say, every light is an area light! Crits are welcome. This picture was only made to improve my texturing skills, on the screwdriver that is. The rest is just reference, as reflections gets more obvious.

btw, how do you move ex. 300 verts to a certain x/y/z position while their other cordinates remain the same? Is there an easy way? I miss that.

I changed the topic, feel free to move this topic to WIP. I’ll probably add a new scene, more tools and stuff here.

I’m more happy with this. The fastmade “lamps” took attention away from the screwsrivers in the previous picture.

I like the second one better and the texturing looks pretty good on the screw drivers. Your question Im alittle confused are you trying to get all 300 verts in the same position.

LA10, I mean for example only X values would get the same value, it’s called align to a certain axis… but I could live without it! The scene was not very good I think, there are too many lights there - I learned much today! Maybe I post one more on this some day here…
Thanks for comments!

Are you trying to just move or extrude along only 1 axis with no movement on the other axis?

If so you can move it in the general direction and press the middle mouse button or use the ‘xyz’ keys on the keyboard.

Not quite sure if this is what you are asking or not.



the screwdriver handles look good, but the metal has a plasticy look to it.

Yes, I guessed someone would mention the plasty look of the metal! I must explain what I mean I think. Let’s say we have vertices in various random positions - many vertices. All of them should get to x axis at -1, scaling them wount align them - Gkey Xkey wount align them eighter. You must click each vertex and fill in their X value to -1 in the Nkey parameter box. If you click many, you get the median point, and not the individual vertices!

I meant only moving them yes. Gkey and the x/y/z key moves them as they are along an axis, but parts of the vertices should gradually stop as they hit x at -1.

I’m about to post a new tool(s) I have soon! 8)

Scale all the vertices to 0 on the axis x/y/z and then ‘n’ key and type the new y/y/z value of the group.

This should work as you want


DUde, you finally changed that weird title “the alien took my screwdrivers” or what. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: yes, I couldn’t get any sleep berfore I changed it! really weird it was!

Dimmu, many thanks! that’s exactly it!

Now I mixed with radiosity and the metal material a bit.

What do you suggest next?

Great metal. The screw drivers look great. My eye is drawn to the reflection in the end of the handle a little too much.

dirty it up

Don’t mean to be rude, but PLEASE at least put on some light procedural textures to make everything look dirtier, and more detailed.
Your first work?

If you don’t want to follow my advice, that’s perfectly fine- I’m probably worse than you.

I will! And it’s not my first work, but I’m pretty new to Blender. I just found it and think that this community is just great! I agree totally, I should dirty this up. Looks too sterile… not to mention the environment. The previous looks better that way, this looks very bad detailed! %|


I forgot to say I don’t know much about texturing at all, you wount see that from my part for a while!

Next tool I made, think it’s called torqs in english!

Procedural textures are great! Never used them in blender, just found them. But I’m familiar to them from the good/bad old raytracing days!
C&C please!

Torq wrenchs! I really need some of those now. Probably just the smallest one. I need to lower the action on my guitar! lol Good work!

Sorry about this crit man, but i like the stlye of the screw drivers but the green thing theyre in just doesent really apeal to me. But Good modling job on the screw drivers! 8)