My tracking tests.


I tested today tracking in Blender and decided to share results :wink:

Those are only tests and have many imperfections, but thanks to them now I know what is what :slight_smile:

Point Tracking (got the idea from old HP commercial (though i’m not sure if it was HP :wink: ):

Camera Tracking (rendered in cycles - I also wanted to learn how to apply shadows to movies in cycles):

… Good night :wink:

What the heck did I just see??? That was great!!!

Cool tests :slight_smile:
Is that you in the first one?

Thanks. Glad You like it :slight_smile:

That’s my girlfriend. She prefers modeling than playing with “moving stuff” in Blender, but this time she was a great help :wink:

Haha - I remember those HP ads. Very well done. Especially the “reverse” frozen face effect at the end.

Nice works! Could you explain how you did the shadows on the paper (2nd video)? thanks

Thanks :wink:

In Blender Internal You just:

  1. Render scene without floor plane.
  2. Render scene with floor plane where material has “only shadows” checked.

In Cycles this is kind of tricky:

  1. Render scene without floor plane.
  2. Render scene with floor plane where material is white and objects in scene has camera ray turned off.

I think there was quite good tutorial about it, though I didn’t follow it. Looking… And here it is:

This technique can be improved a little bit (or so I think) to be more efficient and easier to apply, but I think this very depends on the scene.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Wow! This is pretty good. I have a question though. What is going on in the second one? Did you make the letters on Blender? Sorry, I’m new to Blender, so I have no idea what is going on. But the first one was really good.

That first video blew my mind!

Thanks ;)!

Yes, I made letters and shadows in blender. The rest is video from my cell :wink:

Blender relatively recently got tracking capabilities, which allow You to combine 3D objects with “moving” movie clip (for example shot by hand). Here is a good example (mine was only a small test :)):

Thanks a lot for the explanation!