My triumphant return

Ive been out of blender sooooo long. I havent had a single good idea for months. Until now, i suddenly got the urge to build THIS!

The Shenk Building!

Id really like to build a few more and do a really good street scene, but my aging PC can barely handle this 1 building with my gemoetrical bricks, i dont know how i could build more and do a street.

Cool :slight_smile:

Blender, sadly, is not optimized for architectural design… YOu have to model all details, and then… poly count is hight :frowning:



I like it very much: I find it to be a good balance between style and realism.


Nice building, but geometrical bricks? How about some bump mapping and saving yourself a hell of a lot of work (and processor time).

yay! another geometric brick lover!

hmm, despite of this being in the Finished Projects forum, I’d suggest you remodel the roof and bevel…bevel…bevel…bevel…bevel…


looks pretty well bevel’d to me

Welcome back Enos. Wow superb work.

I’m all for the geometric bricks, it’s a shame Blender can’t be tweaked to take less cpu power for the more verts and polys you have. I have a similar problem with a scene which incorporates nearly 100 chairs with people sat on them, each modeled no texture tricks.

Heh, just spotted the poster on the wall, nice touch.


I added some stuff, and rendered a couple more shots. Im done, if i add any more itll just be cluttered.

Trees and stuff from L-System script

Enos, the garden is excellent. But hasn’t your poly count now gone through the roof?

I found the tree script to be a little poly and vert heavy when I used it.


Haha yes, its around 400k for that shot now.

Thats why i cant make more buildings to do a nice street scene

amazing! it’s like a real building, keep up the good work

can u do a more modern version of this buildin? i suggest u touch the windows a bit

if you are making still image, remove all the stuff that is not going to be visible (other side of the building etc)

nice model btw!



with the bushes is VEEERY cool :slight_smile:

Tip for rendering a city (might work)…

You make a .blend with the city with very crude low-poly buildings.

You save this

You open this, make only one of those buildings very detailed, you save.

You make all crude building a shadeless material say pure blue, same for sky, you render.

You got the detailed building rendering with shadows from other building, surrounded by a flat blue scenary (put word settings to same blue)

You repeat for alla other buildings.

You compose in GIMP or whatever the complete scene by making blue transparent with an alpha mask.


if you are making still image, remove all the stuff that is not going to be visible (other side of the building etc)

nice model btw!


or you could put them in different layers, and when you want to render, turn on boundbox viewmode, turn on all the layers you want, and render…

That’s fantastic. I kept trying to model a building but unfortunately I’m a total fuckwit.

Oh well - at least I can whistle. :smiley:

IMHO I would modify two details:

(1) decrease the specularity of the pots to remove the slight shininess (because I assume it’s a stony / concrete material).
(2) give a different material to the steps (e.g. stucci with fine grain) or a true stone.

Other than that, I love it even more with the garden. That’s really a cool shot.