My Try at a Walk Cycle

OK… bear with me here.

After a day’s work, I think I have somthing that resembles a walk cycle. This is my first attempt at it, so it’s got to be crummy

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I have used this diagram in the past for creating walk cycles.

nice… I’ll have to use that…

OH MAN!!! I forgot to bend the feet right…

Modron…I assume you’re directing him to pay attention to the legs, because that diagram obviously illustrates someone moving quickly. Regardless…I think you did a good job with the walk cycle because it doesn’t look overly-clunky, and it looks as though it would repeat well. Obviously it needs tweeking…especially around the waist where his pelvis seems to flex. Good first shot though (Especially seeing as how I’ve never done this.) :smiley:

umm looks good i see one thing that looks a little funny the hips rotate to much other than that it looks really good.


Not bad but it looks a lot more like a jogging cycle. The alternating feet for each cycle go too high for a walk and the alternating arms go too far back and forth.

That’s despite the fact that the entire body is leaning too far forward.

Still looks good though but is more useful for a jogging motion.

Ok…this is coming from a guy that has posted very little to no animation, HOWEVER, I have been studying this for quite some time and I feel that I may have a little bit of informationto help you out. Heres what I got:

First off this is obviously a great start…you have already passed a good percentage of the individuals out there…meaning…the animation to still post ratio is pretty big. You are stabbing at something that is very complex and takes years to master…I know this first hand not because of all of the absolutley marvelous renders I have generated (cough), but becuase of all the ones that I have tossed in the recycle bin!

Alot depends on the situation and the personality of the character itself. Now when I say situation, I dont just mean what is happening right now at this moment…it is almost MORE important to take into account what has JUST happened (what the audience is still trying to digest) and what is GOING to happen next (anticipation). How is the situation effecting the character emotionally (can be shown through facial expression especially eye movement) and physically ( the actual execution of a thought)? Is the character scared (emotion through thought) and feels as though they next need to dart out of the scene (execution of that thought)? You see what I mean?

If the character IS in fact running, then entire body needs to lean forward more as his intention to go faster hightens. Although if it is, as you said, a “WALK cycle” he does not need to lean forward as in the image aove provided by Modron (unless ofcourse the character is walking fast as though being “under the gun” or “running behind schedule” or perhaps a child walking down the school hallwayto go out for recess…he is soo excited that he wants to run but cannot because of the rules)
I could go on about this for days and this is all what I have learned just in the past year on my own without having taking any classes so you can imagine how much information there is available on this topic! You have a good start going for you! What I think is that you should stick with it and pick up some animation books. I personally recommend the following:

-Animator’s Survival Kit

-Disney’s: The illusion of life

Dont give up…and if you get anything out of my posts its that I recommend you open your eyes…dont even blink for now on! Look at EVERYTHING that surrounds your everyday life. You would be surprised how much you can learn by sitting down in a highly populated area and watching all of the music around you…its like an orchestra, jazz band, and a rock band, all warming up and tuning their instruments at the same time!

Take care and good luck!


regarding the diagram, if you want a slower walk, just tone it down. less lean, less swing to the arms, shorter steps, less bounce. common sense.

Great thanks Modron, really usefull picture. :stuck_out_tongue: