My Try in Character Animation

Hello, blender artists! I work with Blender a long time… 4 years. I think its a long time… (sorry by my english, Im from Brazil). I just want to show my work to you to coment.
Sorry if I post in the wrong section… Im new user, never post in any forum before…

Here is my try in character animation, modeled, rigged and animated by me. The creator of this character is Bill Watterson, “The Adventures of Calvin and Haroldo”, amazing creation. I know that doesn’t match perfect with original cartoon character, but its just for study and this is not finished yet…


Calvin_07.blend (658 KB)

AMAZING! Softbody Hair!

Wow, I have been using blender for 4 years too.

You are doing very good. I would love to see a finished cartoon.

Believe it or not, but I have always wanted to make a 3D cartoon of Calvin and Hobbes. Keep it up, I want to see this finished.

Your animation is wonderful, and your character rig is superb.

nice model.

Very cool! I’d like to know how you made his hair.

It’s simple! It’s all about vertice group… I made this file to explain better. Note the softbody panel, the option “Use Goal” is active and working on a vertice group named as “FixSoft”. To see the group, just select the mesh and hit tab for edit mode, the group of vertices should be selected… Try to play the animation and move, rotate or scale the mesh…


Calvin_Hair.blend (332 KB)

Thank’s for the comments! This is rendered version and some more of my work…

Thank you very much!

I did look at the file more closely, the rig seems a little incomplete. There isn’t any knee or elbow targets.

The rig is incomplete, don’t have knee or elbow targets(as you said), fingers have no bones, there’s no facial rig YET, and some improvements are necessary in what is already done… But when I will have a time, I will take care of this details and post here again…