My Try in Character Animation

Hello, blender artists! I work with Blender a long time… 4 years. I think its a long time… (sorry by my english, Im from Brazil). I just want to show my work to you to coment.
Sorry if I post in the wrong section… Im new user, never post in any forum before…

Here is my try in character animation, modeled, rigged and animated by me. The creator of this character is Bill Watterson, “The Adventures of Calvin and Haroldo”, amazing creation. I know that doesn’t match perfect with original cartoon character, but its just for study and this is not finished yet…
I want to post videos but dont know how to… sorry!

This is the rendered version and other stuff too…


Calvin_07.blend (658 KB)

that’s a really nice animation, very good second motion. (cool character too)…
but if you’d post a rendered version for us, it would be 10 times more pleasant for us :wink:
also, i was wondering how you did the motion for the hair? it’s cool :smiley:

Thanks! But how do I post the rendered version? Please. I have a render file .mov but cant upload videos…

youtube… or better, vimeo :wink: but you have to make an account first…

OK! Thanks by the help!

For the hair, I just group the vertices of the base of the hair mesh leaving the points of hair in other vertice group, then I applied a softbody modifier AFTER the Armature modifier… So, bones moves and deform the mesh and then the softbody do his work! I hope you understand my point and my english… he he…

Here is the rendered version of Calvin and theres another animation test, really thanks by the help, claus!

did i helped that much then :stuck_out_tongue: ?
anyway… try the NLA editor to repeat your cycle, makes it easier to see :wink:
WalkMan is very good too.
judging these two cycles i think you’re pretty good at animation :wink:

Ya thats cool :smiley: Nice model and animation. I agree about looping it though

Awesome animating!
You should put the link to the video in the first post. I almost walked away from this before I saw that there was a rendered video.

Very nice walk cycle, and good likeness of Calvin, except his mouth is closed! So rare for him. :smiley: The US version is called Calvin and Hobbes. I wonder why they changed it in the Brazilian version?

Welcome to BlenderArtists. :smiley:

Not bad at all! I liked your ‘little soy’ the best though.

Very fluid, nice work! On a side note, I really quite like the materials/lighting as well, effective yet simple. Reminding me of Pocoyo if you know what that show is… :slight_smile:

I didn’t work yet on the facial animation… my time is short to play with character animation… note that the fingers don’t move too… but I will take care of it! I really like your comments! Thanks!

All of that stuff is really good,especially the rendered one. Looking forward to see your more art.Just keep up.