My tutorial project for BGE

hello together,

here is my project for learning the blender game engine. it contains no functionality, you can go around, in the house and on its attic.

here you can download a zip-file:

if you found mistakes please report them here.

adios amigos,

Uhm, suggestion number one. Add an invisible ramp or plan, so that you can actually go up the stairs. Suggestion two, un-invert the mouse look script you used. You can do this my simply making the values negative. Or vice-versa.

as far as the mouse look goes, i think that’s personal preference, but the first thing i did was invert it, then i made a and d strafe instead of rotate, since the mouse rotates.

it’s possible to go upstairs by pressing ‘alt’ for jumping. i’ve forgotten to list it in the start screen.
perhaps the mouse movement on your pc is inverted…? i’ve to move my mouse to the right for turning the camera to the right. here in germany we’ve right hand traffic :wink:

good night,

the right and left was correct, it was the up and down that seemed to be backwards.

hello again,

i found time to work on this ‘project’ again. i renamed it to Altenbeken Anno 1853 and changed the mouse control, so the mouse is shown while rotating is possible with holding RMB. so the new HUD can be accessed (later). i made a new terrain object which is realistic. in the background i changed a lot, e.g. all shown objects are linked from external libraries now.
in addition i tried to define a workflow to publish projects made with the blender game engine - defining the correct licences, packing textures and scripts into blend-files, make the autostart-ing and changing the icon of the exe-file.

it’s still empty and not nice… but i learned a lot while working on it.

if you like you can download it here:

wish you candies and peace,

p.s.: it’s made with blender v2.49b

Can you add some screenshots please ?

hello plop,

i made some screenshots. you can find them here:

thats the welcome screen:

thats the first view in the 3d-environment:

when you go to north-west you will find this place:

in the west you will find the viaduct:

and this is the help screen:

at the beginning you will notice a lag while loading the sound files. and the viaduct produces an ugly moiré-effect here on my system.

have a nice day,

not bad! Needs some shadows but I like it so far

yes, in the meantime i added some lights, but i think the best will be to bake shadows into the textures. GLSL will cost too much performance. i have to find the best workflow so i can edit objects later again.

here you can see the viadukt with new textures and some lamps:

and this shows the viaduct from the top: