My tutorials on Blender

I am making video tutorials on Blender and I wanted to let other people learn how I did or on their own pace :slight_smile:

I put them on youtube because I cannot find a host.

I am working on uploading the video’s, more will be up as time passes by and I am constantly updating this topic :slight_smile:

if you go to then you can register for 1gb of storage and upload 50mb at a time. If you do this then you can share a folder full of files which in your case could be the tutorials that you have made.

The problem with having full screen on you tube or google is that you cant read the buttons etc. You could try the technique I have used, capture a portion of the screen and pan around to where you are working. Link…

Good start for a short tutorials collection. Great for newbies.

There are some videos thou where your microphone is too close to your mouth and it distorts the sound quite bad (for at least letters S and T). It helps if you position mic to the side of your mouth so exhaling doesn’t distort the sound so badly. I think that it will be more enjoyable to follow the videos when there are no distractions like that.

You may consider

My site is another alternative.
Like youtube, you will have to register (free, but just so we know who you are)

I have seen stage6. It is good. But I don’t use it… I guess I don’t have any videos to watch or download (digression)