My TV Room

I think most people probably 3D there living room as part of learning blender.This ones mine, but with the view from my old place.


Think I over meshed the stairs. When I added them to the main drawing, the drawing went from 6m to 99m. So I had to empty the room to get it to render.


Nice modelling, and I like the lighting, too! I suppose the tv is on because you’ve lost the remote somewhere…:stuck_out_tongue:
Oh, and the sofa looks a little different in the second image, at least the armrests do. Overall, I like it, althought the renders are a bit noisy.

Looks good! I really like the simplicity of the second image :slight_smile:

The main thing that stands out to me, though, is how the shadow/light direction in the image outside of the window doesn’t match the shadow/light direction inside.

Thanks Stubby, this was my first real play around with Cycles sun lighting, so thanks for the feedback. The legs on the sofa looked a bit thin from the front angle, so I widened them a little, also gives me somewhere to rest my Guinness. I’m slowly learning how to make my renders cleaner as I go on as they certainly are are a bit noisy. And the remote? being modeled as we speak. :slight_smile: Thanks again.

Thanks magiciandude. The bareness of the second render was really down to my computer not coping with the full scene, so it’s great you like it as it is, I only decided to add it to the post at the very last second. I did have a problem trying to match the light direction, the garden in the picture from my old place was on the side of a mountain and had a serious incline. But hopefully with a bit more playing around, I should be able to get it a bit closer. Thanks again for the feedback.