My two favorite works

These are two of my works, although not the best renders, were some of my favorite ones to work on.

This one I just kinda came up with. I just came up with this concept of a world with these little machines shooting stuff at each other. I’m thinking of making an animation one day.

This character I made up when my favorite color was green, which has now since changed, and I liked the sculpture-like quality of the character and so I just stopped at the waist, with no arms attached.

Anyways I’m quite a new member here, as you can see, but I’m not so new at modelling. My models are made 100% in Wings 3D and rendered 100% in Blender. I’ve been modelling for about a year, and can model fairly well, I just need to work on my rendering parameters, so I can create a render that doesn’t make my models look worse than they already are. Anyways C & C is welcome and very much so encouraged.

The little bot, isn’t to bad. The bird or er, whatever it is… could use some wings… or um, arms or whatever…

The first one is marvellous, but I can’t say that about the second one; it needs loads more work when it comes to modelling, texturing and lighting.

Yea the first one is deffinately the better of the two
nice colours/materials and lighting

Although you did good job on the eyes of the penguin :slight_smile:

Thanks for you’re comments and nice welcome to this forum. Accually the penguin was one of my first models. I made a couple models just after getting Wings 3D and decided that all my models looked like crap, and they did. So I spent a while learning about loops, poles, quads ext. The penguin was the first thing I made when I started modelling again. The reason why I didn’t make the arms or the legs is because, admittedly, I was too lazy :slight_smile: I would have to agree that I should probably go back and finish that project, and I may just yet.

Also I did some variations on the first render. I realized that the first render looked fuzzy because I horribly forgot to turn on the OSA button. Anyways I’ll have my new picts up soon… Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: