my two new hot keys

I added a hot key for snap cursor to selected QW and I changed the hot key for center view to courser to QE. I was so happy I was so happy I wanted to share with someone. its easy with the left hand and fast to recenter and rotate on my work now.
Right click on snap cursor to select / add short cut. In user preferences / input / 3d view,3d view global , are both shortcuts, the new snap to is at the bottom. set the new keys here.
If anyone did not already know how to do this.
I know its not a great contribution but its the best I got so far.

This is a cool idea! Since you don’t have to use just the ctrl/shift/alt keys as modifiers, you can add a myriad of new hotkeys for common functions just by using non-standard combinations. ‘D’ + ‘S’ could be a quick way to smooth the shading of a mesh, for instance.

I daresay these hotkeys could even ship as the default config for common functions that don’t already have an assigned hotkey. Perhaps some new hotkeys are in order…

So when creating the hotkey in User Preferences it’s the empty space next to ‘Cmd’ for the first key input. I didn’t even know that. That can make things very interesting.


Thanks .
Sago I just found the empty space and I had forgotten how to add a addon till I read a reply you wrote yesterday.

Apologise for speaking without having tested this out, but if I got it right this is the best Blender tip I read in the last year or so.
Gonna check it out as soon as possible.
Thanks Kazinger!

I feel too much hot key is not good. Blender should be designed so that if you don’t know any hotkey - that the program will be almost just as efficient. If it’s not, it must be redesign.

I’m afraid i’m going to have to disagree with you there; hotkeys will always make things more efficient than moving your mouse to press a button, if the program was unusable without hotkeys then that would be a fault, but they enhance your workflow and keep the ui uncluttered.

Inspired by this, I added < (between Z and Lshift on my layout) + WASD as Top, Left, Front, Right view shortcuts. Feels great! And <+F for “center view” - probably the only stride I’ll ever take to bring Blender closer to the Maya interface:)

Rockus - I can’t even comprehend that line of thinking. It doesn’t apply to any software I’ve ever used, or can conjure up in my mind.

I think I would also change alt p and ctrl p. When parenting to a armature I need the pen on the tablet. When I bring my pen back to the tablet it moves off the selections menu and the selection menu goes away. I always wounder if some people could press ctrl p with one hand . maybe o p and u p for object and un parent.
I would like a key board with the num pad on the left side and my hand would rest around shift ctrl alt.

Many keys I do not use cause the menu is more easy for me.
That’s my 2 cents
Oh well. I see if it has a single key function already set .I can’t get it to work with a second letter, like in 2.49 when you pressed b b for circle select.

Am I correct saying that the first of a ‘two-key-shortcut’ must not be used as a ‘single-key-shortcut’ ?
I tried to configure ‘SC’ combo but just got the usual scaling; am I doing something wrong or is it the normal behaviour?

Im not so good at this stuff. I do not know but I was thinking it did or is easy to do. I should have tried it and before suggested it. It would be really great, fast and easy to remember.
Oh I edited the post above, talking about,
SC for selection to cursor and C S for cursor to selection , S G, C G , C A, C C , for all the snap to’s

If you set SS for selection to cursor, what key did you set for the scale action?