My UDIMS are not showing in Substance Painter

I cant sleep i need answers, i made this on Marvelous Designer and i edited the UV’s so the front and back of the UV are separate. Then i exported it on Substance Painter but the main cloth material has no UDIM tiles on it, im keep bangin my head, don’t know what did i do wrong :smiling_face_with_tear:
Here’s my file

If you select the legacy option of udim it should work. I think the new version is not splitting it into texture sets but poly masks should work for it… (the legacy option writes: will turn it into individual texture sets)

Have not used udims a lot in substance.

When i use legacy it shows me an error :frowning:

Looks like your uv map is not correct and why are there so many tiles for a tshirt?

Oh its a closed up shot i want the textures to be crisps as possible, thanks for the response though i think my problem is the UV’s i keep looking.

I fixed it it turns out theres a one vertex out of the square thing i re-unwraped it and it works!