My Unnamed car

here is one of my best project for the moment. I usualy allway make it waorst at the ed trying to make it nicer and doing the last things.

so here is my car I still didn’t found a name for it but the main desine is based on the
but I modified it a lot.
I was on the work in progress but now I need really good critiques.
here is the progress I did on the WIP section:

here are the latest pictures:

I am not very good at texturing and lightning so all your tips would be welcome.

First of all, it looks like a very promising project. I love the design!

My critiques, tips:

  • the back of the car needs more work. The exhaust pipes look very strange so high up, I’d put them lower.
  • the back bottom ends in a sharp edge. Curve it back under the car to soften it.
  • The spoiler looks very out of place, just ‘floating’ on the car’s back. It should be attached to it somehow, like with bolts, or some other method.
  • The lamps are right now just coloured coverings, there should be something under them, the light compartments with the bulbs.
    Besides that the modelling looks good. One thing though: details! Its the details that make a great image. Add: rear-view mirrors, windshield wipers, maybe a license plate, plus other small details.

Materials: this one is a bit trickier, you’ll need a lot of experinmenting. First of all, turn on raytracing, both for shadows and reflections. Don’t make the common mistake of giving too much reflection for the car’s material, 0.2 should do.
The specular reflection can be a different color than white. Add a fine, grainy texture that affects only the specular values.
Add some background, like an auto-salon, that the bodywork can reflect. If not, you can add an image texture to reflect.

Lighting: best would be to use a HDR map, either with Yafray, or with ambient occlusion in Blender’s renderer. If not, one or more area lights. And one backlight todefine the rim of the car.

I’m interested in how this develops!

thank you Zsolt for you very helpfull comment.
I modified the back for the moment.
The spoiler was hard I just moved it and changed a little where it touches the car.
The exhaust pipes where remooved and i put other ones at the bottom.
The red back light were changes as you said. They are still not finish.

here it is i modified the back on the front I still need to make the front light better and add the license plate. that is going to be harder to put it in the front.

I will work with the lights and background when the modeling is over. that means in a long time because i still have the interior to do.

any comment will be welcome (as allways). even for the smallest details. :smiley:

one more update:
i modified the mirrors and I modified the front light and added the license plate. It wasn’t as hard as I thaught. I just had to modifiy it a little and make it samller

And again any comment will be welcome . even for the smallest details.

i think the headlights are too bolbous.

they would look nicer if they were lower and smoother to the body.

the turn signal lamps look too recessed.

i don’t know, it just doesn’t feel as fast as it should.

thanks for your comments I modified a little the headlights.
for the turn signallights which one are too recessed? all of them?

for the fast feeling look I guess it is because the front place where the light is is big but It makes it look different.

here is a side view wallpaper (for 1280-800):

^ looks awesome!
good luck getting that car over a speedbump!
ok, enough of that…
I agree that the headlamps are much too big,
You can see the other back tire through this back tire, You can tell that there’s nothing (like a car) there.

This really looks like it will turn out nice. Excellent model choice. I like that roof scoop you added.

As mentioned, the headlights do look like they come out too far. Maybe give them a lower profile. A nice chrome hood emblem would look nice too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait to see what this will look like when it’s done.

hello thanks you both for your comments.

StrikerMunc: for the inside of the weels i will add some smalls details

.:[email protected]:.: “A nice chrome hood emblem would look nice too.” I don’t understand what you mean?

and for you both here is a picture what do you mean make it lower like 1 or push it back like 2

What I ment by hood emblem is the car logo on the front of a car. Have you seen a Jaguar hood emblem? The chrome Jaguar leaping forward? Here is a picture:

o ok thanks you. this is a good idea but i am not sur if I am going to do it. first i will need an idea of object and second see if it looks good. so we will see.

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You can see right through the wheels, especially noticable through the rear one :s I reckon the discbrakes are too smoothed out, they need to have more defined edges imo :slight_smile: I also think that the front wheel arch is a little too high, make it lower like 1 (on that lil diagram you got :slight_smile: ) Theyre not particulary round either (the arches) might be by design, but I think it looks a little odd.

Awesome work though, the wheel design in particular looks great, very complimenting to the cars overall design.