My UVs are all out of proportion

I recently transitioned from maya to blender, so I’m sure this is a newbie question… So, after UV unwrapping my model I have some scale and stretch issues with them. I remember deleting history and freezing transforms helped in Maya unless there was something corrupt about the geometry.

Is there something that I should have payed attention to during the modeling process to avoid this? Is there any way to fix it beside manually moving all of the problematic UV faces?

A similar thing in blender is to Object > Apply > Scale or ctrl a > Scale. Unclear whether that will help… can’t see the actual stretching.


A possible solution may be unwrap > conformal in stead of unwrap > angle-based.

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Didn’t fix :frowning: It did blow out my mesh in a weird way. Not sure what I’ve done to cause this lol.

An unwrap constrain to bounds may help on the top UV coordinates also

Do you use some form of instancing ? like duplicating with Alt-D instead of Shift-D ? If it’s Shift-D then that’s not the issue.
Try to select only one mesh before doing ctrl-a → Scale.

All that said, I think the issue is more on the unwrapping algorithm.
try @roobol solution, or give Smart-UV project a shot !

Good luck and I hope you’re enjoying blender !

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Do you have any modifiers on the mesh?