My version of Joan D'arc

Hello fellow blender users. This is my first post. I’ve been using blender for about 2 months and I’m nearing completion of the Joan of Arc character.
Here are a few progress shots:

Heres one I did with the MakeHuman script

Edit: I removed the useless /img tags

Thanks to AllTaken for the image hosting :smiley:

you can’t use the [img] thing for webpages, only images

These are nice images and a good model but I can’t really see the association with Joan D’Arc.

I believe he is referring to following the Joan D’Arc tutorial at 3Dtotal.

The model overall looks good. The head/face area could use a little work. From a 3/4 view it looked very flat and misshapen. But,it isn’t uncommon for that to happen. The reference images for that tutorial aren’t the best way to learn how to model humans. I think you need to make some adjustments, but you’ll get there if you keep working.

Thanks for the tips guys. Yes I am following the Joan D’Arc tutorial at Let me explain a little how I did some of this. First, the basic form matches the references from front and side view. Also, I am only using the blender basic materials library. And the gloves and skirt have no material at all on them yet. Believe it or not, the hair is a single mesh extruded from a plain with the default material set to shadeless. the face textures are “fake”, meaning I don’t know how to do uv mappingor any of that stuff so I drew the eyebrows in Photoshop. Also, the picture done withthe makehuman script uses a much better hair technique and once again the face details were simply drawn by hand. When I get the time I plan to rig this model to allow for more lifelike poses instead of standing there like a statue, but I 've got a lot to learn first.

I really like your hair. Its very realistic to me.
Can you post the link to that tut pls.
thank you in advance.

Thanks Gryphon. Here is the link to the joan of arc tutorial.

Keep in mind that the hair technique on the makehuman head is not the one from the Joan tutorial. It can be found on the makehuman site.
Each strand is a row of planes duplicated and rotated and they join in the center. Expect the blender internal render to take several minutes to render! :slight_smile:

Here’s a new image that’s closer up so its easier to see. I increased specularity on the eyes and extruded the edges of the skirt and rounded it off.