My vertex slide not matching up with the one in the tutorial I am taking

I’m attempting to slide a vertex like the guy in the tutorial is doing,
to match up with the blueprint and it doesn’t look the same as his does.

Some pertinent information is…
he is on 2.79 and I’m on 2.93 …
This is what his looks like before he slides his vertex:

and this is what it looks like after he slides the vertex:

and in this picture this is what it looks like before I slide MY vertex:

and this is what I it looks like after I slide MY vertex:

Of course I would like mine to match up with the video.

I attached the blender file here:
and packed the external data into it so you can have the blueprints
for reference and I saved the blender file at the point before I moved the vertex.

I also uploaded the video and put a link to it here:
so you could have more data to go on if you need it.
The vertex slide begins at three minutes and six seconds into the video.

if it helps(before he slid the vertex)he pressed tab to get into edit, 1 for front view, and 5
for orthographic view.

My orthographic view didn’t look the same as his because he’s on 2.79, in mine
I couldn’t see the blueprints in orthographic view correctly so I’m just in front view
so everything matches with his.

Any help on this would be just awesome thank you!

In Subdivision modifier you have On Cage enabled (first icon), and he doesn’t. At least that’s the only thing i see

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Thank you so much that worked! Have a great day!

I just ran into the same type of issue again and I thought it was something different but your answer helped again thank you again…and again :grinning: