My very blue world!

thats my desktop the BG is rendered in Blender of course!

well all i can say is “its blue” ha ha ha

my entire world is grey/si;ver, (easy on the eyes) :wink:

the first one is not accurate for positions of programs, but it does show the skinned ones :smiley: (and MSN LOL)

i have a silver skin for everything i own (some of them were hard to find)

i can’t really handle bright colours

the brightest i ever had was an OLIVE colour theme that i found in Windows ME (this was before the olive theme in windows XP was even out or popular :wink: )

i choose neutreal colours as the colour balence in your eyes should be grey scale for 3d work (so the coluors arn’t over compensated by your brain)


Some temp junk on the desktop. I usually keep it pretty clean (backgrounds are there for a reason, not to be covered by icons).


Eh, Sutabi, what happened to the “wonderful” orange and green?

I’d post mine, but it’s nothing special, took something that looked like it would make a good background, tweaked the colors, and plagued it with icons I never use… I use maybe an eighth of the icons on my desktop… And 3 or 4 different Blenders… And a toilet paper recycle bin…

And Alltaken, nice colorful quick launch bar…

Digital creme is the GTK theme here, font is swiss 721, on Fedora Core 1. Background is my latest creation. for the WM/DE I’m using, it’s not fat like KDE/GNOME, it’s no anarexic like fluxbox or other sessions that are WM only.



I guess you can’t tell I like Alltaken’s background a lot. :smiley:

I change my background every week. (All my creations, of course.) :smiley:


And I have a lot of crazy crap on my desktop. :stuck_out_tongue:

uh man its like Silver windows XP theme has taken over! I hate windows! But then again I use it everyday…

I still like linux desktops better, mostly enlightenment desktops :slight_smile:

i’m a big fan of silver too! :smiley:

Damn, what’s with all the colorful quick launch bars? Mine only has 4 icons in it…

Anywho, here’s mine, it’s got timmo’s stone henge WC picture as a background, mainly because I really liked it and it made a really nice background… …Copy and paste…

With the reoccuring silver…

And here’s my craptacular Blender theme. …More copy and paste… EDIT: Working now, although the JPEG compression does it no justice…

OK, here’s mine, 1600x1200, scaled down to 800x600, gnome-2.42:

My nice and clean desktop.

I really like it.

Haha, I made my own blue-white-red-black theme, and look how pretty MSN Messenger 6 is! (C & P)

Mine! (personal composition of 2pics and a bit tweaked for my wallpaper)