My VERY first 3D model

From never having touched a 3d program before in my life and only reading the first chapter of Tony Mullen’s. I think I did an fair job. I was inspired after seen the inorganic frog used by another member… So I said to myself, I can visualize a frog (cartoon looking as it is) without using any sketches and came up with this in about 2 hours.
It might not be the best in the bunch, but I’m excited to learn about materials, mapping, and lighting… Wish I had taken art classes in school, never realized what I was missing until now… 28 years later.
Not going to lie, I did some reading of tutorials even before opening up the application… I still feel lost in all the options and techniques.

Nice job for your first ever model! Be sure to check out the wikibook blender tutorial. Sorry no link though, but you could search on google :smiley:


The form overall looks a little boxy, you might want to try to round out the curves a bit more.

I agree, it does look boxy. I’ll work on that… Figure I’ll play with it a little more than then try to UV map or do some texturing…
Not sure really what my next steps should really be. I want to sample a little of all the elements atleast once before spending too much time on any one thing.
Thanks for all of the crit… I will be sure to look more at the tutorials from the wiki book.

Still though, with Tony Mullen’s book you’ll be pretty much in good hands. Nice first model. Probably better than mine, to be perfectly frank. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, the proportions and general construction look good to me, you just need to soften off the corners a bit, and it’ll look a lot better. Nice first model, welcome to Blender.

I made some adjustments to the body and rounded him out a little… Yes it looks way better.
If I have a face with 3 verts is that a bad thing? It’s a little problem I had forming the frogs rear end, kind of a metaphor being a pain in the ass.
Like I said I’m really excited… I’ll have lots of questions so I hope you guys can tolerate me! I will be sure to do my own research before I ask (trying not to re-invent the wheel).
What would you guys suggest trying next; stick with the modeling or move on to something else?

Yeah, nice modeling! You’ve figured out allot already. He’s much better then my first.

What would you guys suggest trying next; stick with the modeling or move on to something else?
I’d try out everything… see what you like. It would be cool to see this fleshed out more… textured, lit, even try out rigging if you’re up for it. In any case, keep it fun.

My .02: Learn the art. It’s too easy to get stuck on the computer stuff. It’s just a tool. Study the best photos on flickr for example- see how the shot is composed, what makes it appealing, what the the lighting does to the mood, how it reveals the form, where is it too little/much, what is the point of the shot? good stuff usually tells stories. study work that you like, try to figure out how they did it. practice problem solving skills, experiment… we tend to over-complicate things, try to figure out the core… ok, I’m done. :slight_smile:

Hm, well, triangular faces are not actually bad for modeling by themselves, but be careful not to stick them anywhere where there’ll be a lot of bending, especially in places like joints, because the angular shapes from the triangles tend to crumple weirdly under pressure. Anyway, there could still be a few things in the model that could be tweaked, but hey, that’s always the case, isn’t it? I remade a model three times once before being reasonably happy with it. XD

What you do now is really up to you, modeling or what have you.

try the GE its lots of fun making constatly rotating flippers and colored balls…


Yeah! really good for your first try! keep it up! :slight_smile:

Best first model Iv’e seen so far, except MAYBE some guy’s AK-47. Keep it up:D

I have a really har time believing that is your first model,but if you want to say it is good job!!

Very nice model.

Triangular faces are best to be avoided if you are using subsurf, but not exactly the end of the world. Another thing to try and avoid is poles, where you have 5 or more edges connecting to a vertex. Make some and put a sub surf on, then look at the resulting mesh. You’ll see the oddness. Both are often unavoidable, but you learn to put them in places where they matter less.

To smooth it out, use less vertices or space them further apart. Not much to crit here, it’s a really nice model for some early work. Keep it up!

Thanks all… I modified the body a little and rounded out the sides and legs then after reading a little about materials I slapped on some green with a little reflection. Oh, and I’m learning a little about lighting right now as well. I’m going to abandon my frog test and actually try to do something a little different.
I really really like the spring picture with the mechanical frog created by another user in the group. I want to figure out how to make things look more engineered or solid, it seems that the organic stuff is pretty easy, but the lines in a vehicle or a robot would be a real challenge for me (personally). Any tips or sites where people have modeled out details like of an engine, robot, car etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Excelent first mesh my friend! It’s slightly too squarish to turn into a realistic frog, but I think you could make a really bomb ash tray out of it. I actually saw something simular in an art museum. Carved out of wood.

Nice first model and render…better than mine…

Very nice model for a first time! The first thing I did was… Add>mesh>monkey

Best model I’ve made yet! (kidding)

Excellent results for a first model. My first model was a cube (Blender internal LOL)

Keep up the good work AppleSnack.

it looks like you built the model more in the top/down view, then stretched it to 3d goodness. it works, but it can leave it boxy looking.
I would reccomend doing the “better face tutorial” that could help thee to level up thy skillz. :eyebrowlift:
keep it up! im looking forward to your next post.
(ps. also search the forums for the “introduction to caracter animation” , that is one of the best tutorials ive found here.)

its your first model

i wonder:confused: …you are on a nice track…Keepp IT UP:cool: