my very first almost human looking model

well here it is waynes very first almost human looking blender model please note that i just started on this like an hour ago it still needs alot of stuff to be done im goin to rig it here later when i get home from work so here we go


You should use the “set smoth” button. It will make it look much bether

i tried that and it looked like there was a hole in it

that hole I’m guessing is what happens when normals aren’t flipped correctly, so just go into edit mode, then select all the vertices and press Ctrl - N.

well let me first say its not to bad looking considering but i think you maybe taking the wroung aproch to your model i use to try to make models like you are know useing all primatives but then i learnd that trying to alter spheres and tubes your get a vary plane vary simetric body that dont look natrual, what you need to do is get some reffrance images and traces them in 3D, you get a much nicer realistic look that thats more beleaveible, i myself have yet to perfect the human form but im still hard at work on getting it just right, i dont have any links to good reffrance images do to the fact most reffance images are nude and i have sertant moral conflicts with that perhaps some one would post a few good links :), anyway not a bad try i just think your method is maybe a bad aproch, but thats just my two cents.


i was thinking about it and i desided to post a nonrender image of a unfinsied basic torso i am playing with i posted it with a sorta ruff wire frame you can take a look at give you in idea on how a model sould look this is just my model witch i will admit is not the best out there but i hope it helps