My very first awful animation

Hello everyone!

I made my first video with Blender. It’s rather (completely) ugly but anyway…
No-characters, no particle effects, and the whole thing is mostly made of cube barely modified. I’m, as you may say, new to Blender. But one day I will do awesome vids :slight_smile:

Don’t bother with the texts, I made this just for fun.
Please excuse-me for the awful texturing, too. And for my bad English.

Nice Camera movement
Nice theme song
its not WAY to dark
What the hell is it about what is your point of this movie.
texturing, could not be lamer
no animations beside the flag. It is the only moving object besides your camera.
too fast camera, can not really read the texts.
the plane just appears out of no where. just add another camera and than switch the view.

Thanks for your response. You’re right, textures are awful… concerning the ““story”” it would be long to explain, and I couldn’t say everything in one single video… I had only one day to make this. So I almost didn’t say anything.
Anyway, thanks for your constructive response, and thanks for watching :slight_smile: I’ll make a better video the next time.

um… I dont think I can follow that first comment… all in all… IT SUCKS

i would have to agree with Larmannjan its not bad for a first shot but it looks like you taken an idea followed a couple of tutorials then tried to put everything you had learnt into a single video. At the moment everything clashes and it lacks direction. I would suggest sitting down with a sketch pad etc and roughing out your idea in storyboards before you even open blender.

Main things to consider:
The plot. How can you get the viewers interested without overcomplicating things? It didn’t make any sense, you throw the viewer into nonsense. If the viewers can’t see the point in the video or don’t know whats going on you have already lost. Have a look at a couple of video trailers, they all give you an rough idea of what the story is about.
up is a good example of this it shows you a window to the films “world”.

The cast. In any sort of film or video you have to have characters that people can engage with, if your looking at a bunch of inanimate objects its hard to care about it. your video didnt have any characters at all, its just a collection of random inanimate objects.

Modelling and texturing. They do need work, but dont try to run before you can walk. Take time to work on the basics or you will develop bad habits early on and when you try and create more complex objects you will find the work harder than it needs to be.

i liked it considering you had only one day. the camera movement was really nice.

gnomestudios: Okay, that’s true
bacon_chaney : Of course you’re totally right, I made this completely unprepared, I didn’t write anything, didn’t prepare anything before starting modeling and animate. It was the morning and I had one day before me, so I decided to make something of that day, so I made this as fast as possible. That’s why I didn’t work more on the textures and the modeling, and the “plot” is inexanst.
Next time I will prepare more the video before making it.
Thank you too for your response and your advices :slight_smile:

gnomestudios, that was not very constructive. koopanique I thought it was pretty good. the models and textures could use some attention, but as an animation, not a bad endeavor.

sorry if i sounded a bit harsh, i would really like to see you continue to develop your ideas and flesh them out more :slight_smile: its always a pleasure for me to see work blossom into its own :slight_smile:

I agree with Mr. Bacon, just remember this stuff is 3D, it’s supposed to have depth so before you go crazy on the textures, model the objects being textured, it’s understandable to use flat surfaces if thats what you’re going for but as far as I can tell you aren’t, so spice up those models and THEN make them colorful! But after one days work, it’s probably more progress than I would have made so keep workin at it!

Thank you all for your responses, it really pleases me to see that Blender has a so much big and nice community. I’ll keep going and take into account of your advices. :slight_smile:


You think that video was bad? I’ve seen worse and I’ve done worst. And I when I make my animation test, it’s going to top yours as one of the worst made. I’m not saying it to be funny, I’m saying it as a foreshadowing event. You will see soon enough.

Here’s some constructive ciritique.
The ships in space:
Every ship moves in a straight line, something we can accept in space but if you want to spice the animation up have a few of the smaller ships fly around more. Look at this part of star wars episode VI notice how the ships change height and speed and turn around. And, at the end of the shot all the ships stop suddenly. If you want them to look like they are stopping have them slow down a bit more.
The city part:
The camera need some tweaking, smoother turns and more consistent speed. The ship at the end lacks weight, it looks like it is attached to a string and is being pulled up and down. The problem comes from that the ship isn’t going in the direction we expect it. We expect it to either go forward, along its own direction (with its engine), or down toward the ground (because of gravity). So it should point the nose upwards before it actually goes up.

It is good that you post and appreciate feedback, it is one of the most (if not the most) important skill a 3d artist can have.