My very first Blend and first post

Hi guys,

well this is my first post with my first ever Creation. The Goblet
Firstly, Hi im Ginzoo, i hope im welcome here as a total noob.
I hope everyone is well.
I always wanted to get into 3d design, got some experience with Level editors from Duke3D all the way to UnrealED… 3 i think. Never got enough money, time, courage to
seriously get into stuff like 3dstudio max and so forth.
Found Blender, and love it.

Now to my Render,
this is my very first, and i`ll tell you the little story around its upload.

I finished it last weekend, took about 2 hours or so after i figured out the interface
and editing Options, well i wanted to upload it full of Pride and happy to do so.
As soon as i go into this forum I see for example the excellent Pirate or the Minotaur etc…
and the pride just vanishes into thin air! :wink:

Anyways , please have a look and tell me what you think,
i know its far from good/perfect, but i`m only starting out eh? :wink:




Welcome to the forums. Not bad for the first try, so keep it up! Actually, for the beginner you’ve used some pretty cool materials.

Blender has all the tools that hobbyist might ever need and then quite a lot that other apps users crave for. Also, Blender has amazingly fast work-flow once you have the hang of the basics.

hey nice for a first scene, my was way worse:p
some tips:
-place a lamp by the camera so you dont get shadow on the from of the object.
-on the other lamps your using click off shadow in the light menu so you dont get 3 shadows

good luck with learning blender, its worth it!

Welcome! Great first effort.

Nice to be with us. Nice first try too. Tell us how you modeled and textured it,
then you may begin this ‘wip’ process as lot of people use to do here. You’re getting involved with a ‘monster’ called blender. Its not about how money you spend on an app, its about how many time, mostly.

First blend? :stuck_out_tongue:


You have a simple scene made up of extremely simple objects.

Now extend to that by adding even more simple objects to make the scene more complex. You’d be surprised how interesting your scene could look with only simple objects.

Thanks gyus
its good to be welcome, i had a little bit of a creative block and loked at my teacup :wink: and started with that, lol. i then tried SSS with the help of greybeards Tutorial on it.
and that was it really, the stem was just creative freedom, and of course my teacup is not made of clay, but hey, it worked quite well. I asked my Girlfriend to draw something simple, she drew a chest, so that will be my next project, i`ll keep you posted


1–change the background color from anti-retina blue to something more pleasing.
3–congratulations, that’s way better that most people start out! :slight_smile:

well here is a little update, tweaked it a bit,darkened the background
changed Texture size, still no good though,
changed the lighting, need to change the height of the left lamp, or its power.

@spacetug - i will have a look at that tutorial,

Thanks for all the tips


OH yes, added the Handle :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Blender Community!! Your doing fine for a first effort. Mine was pretty pitiful compared with yours. You should be proud of your model (please keep it, it will be great for benchmarking your progress). You will look back on this in a year or two and be amazed at how far you have come if you put in the effort to learn.

Welcome…once ya start…can"t/won’t want to stop…

Hey welcome and nice start.
I good thing to look at in the texture it how much light it reflects but, good work for your first one.
Mine was worse

Nice try and the second one is way better, still my only concern is that you can add some bumps in the
table, by manually editing the mesh or add bump mapping and changing the shaders for the material by some amount. As it looks like a mirror with a wood texture.