My very first Blender Pic

Hi folks!

Actually I just want to play a little bit with Blender but than I added more and more datails. Now my first pic is nearly complete and I’m infected with a virus named 3D :wink: Unfortunately Blender (respectively NaN) is closed down and I’m not sure whether I should use this software furthermore. However, please take a look at

Tips, suggestions and remarks are welcome.


very nice, i like it. and for your first pic its perfect :wink:


Nice scene and lightning. Sea too is very nice. Is that stuff in the back a torpedo to sink down ships made scottishpig and me :wink: ?



No, that stuff in the back isn’t a torpedo because there’s no device to shoot out a torpedo. Actually this boat should be a fishing boat, but then I thought, that there is nothing more boring than fishing and so I decided to make a kind of salvage boat. Just imagine a crashed F16 fighter or something else with a very new, very special and top secret weapon on board … :wink: I’ll make some changes and post the final version in a view days.


Hey Stefano,

now I know what you meant with “sink down scotishpig …”. He made a ship, too! :slight_smile: