My very first car..

Hi Blenders around the world…!!
Well, im a 3d noob… in fact im a sound technician, but i love 3d design and of course i love opensource!! :slight_smile:
So… the point is… im learnin’ blender with all the tuts in the web and with this site… tnkz u all for help other ppl.!!!.
so im doin’ a car model… is a variation of the 550 tut of this site:
till now my car looks like:

and the tire:
im workin in some details and then i go to put the paint :slight_smile:
plz remember that i said thaht im a completly noob so plz dont be cruel :smiley:
also im stuck in the front main lights, if anyone know some trick or a tut page for that i’ll really apreciate…
hope u like hehe…

looking good so far, tho if you want to save yourself some time, lots of free wheels available via googlesearch. Of course, you may know that, and want a custom tire, in which case I will shut up, because silence is good, and caffiene is good too… gabbles into distance.

I think it’s much more satisfying to create them yourself…

Looks good so far,
but I would turn AO on, it really makes your render look much more professional…

hi again… ty 4 the replays… ill do my best to get something really good :slight_smile:

this time is a lil update… i was (and still) fightin’ with the new feature: the node editor… and i get this:

and i make some tweaking in scene lights :o

once i finish a tut i make changes hehe :D, im learnin a lot with other posts also, but im still stuck in the car lights, i donno how to make’em in 2 points: the shape and texture… :frowning: any ideas??

well… back to work … updates comin’ :wink: