My very first character model

Hi, I’ve started using blender for …about month now. I’m been use many 3d package before but, never done any character all just for a props works/ environment stuffs.

Sub-Surf modeling in Blender is very fun to use!!
Here’s the character I made, CC are welcome :wink:

he looks… cuddly =P very good! =D what render’er do you use?

Thanks, Kamlanie. :slight_smile:
I use ‘Yafaray’ with basic skylight setting. Fast and handy.

Very cool design. Clean modeling too. He/she’s very unique.
I haven’t been able to get Yafaray to work for me. I used it with Blender 2.48, with an old version of pythong, but ever since I had to upgrade to the newest version of python to get blender 2.49, it hasn’t worked.