My very first model

(Frousties) #1


I’ve been working on this model for quite a while now, what do you think ?

A Sketchfab link (so you can have a better preview): Aino - WIP - 3D model by Frousties - Sketchfab
These are flat colors, just to have a preview of the final model.

The reference, as a matter of perspective


(frederico4d) #2

it is looking good!

but try to make some better previews please, so we can better see your model:)

and consider using freestyle linework, it should look cool on your model, even if it is a bit hard to control sometimes!

(XeroShadow) #3

I agree with the previews mentioned. From me, it was the shoes. It looks like the soles of the shoes are missing.

(Amber A) #4

It looks really nice, great job! :slight_smile:

(Frousties) #5

Thanks all for your feedback, I’m gonna take it into account next time I work on it

(sundialsvc4) #6

Classic animé. But right now she has no mouth or nose. The eyes are well-done for the style. And she’s certainly creatively dressed. I’ve got my popcorn handy – put her into a movie and tell me a story!​ :yes:

(Frousties) #7

Aha the nose and mouth are only because of shaders. She got one alright xD
I could try to animate her when I figure out how do PROPERLY do rigging (my first attempts were quite bad).