my very first models...

Hey everybody! :rolleyes:

I began with 3D modelling bevor 2 weeks. Now I´ve finished a few renderings and want to know what you thank about it? Critics welcome! :o

All done in Blender 2.47…

Greetings Tomo


not bad for a first timer… welcome.

very nice man keep it up

in 2 weeks

man thats amazing

It’s super awesome for 2 weeks!

Hmmm, two weeks. I’ve been with Blender for two years, and still couldn’t produce that kind of stuff! I’m sure I haven’t been pursuing Blender as vigorously as you have. . . :slight_smile:

Well, Tomo83, welcome to BlenderArtists, and to the world of 3d graphics. Excellent beginning. I especially like your glass on the table with the bottles behind it.

The bullets image is a bit unclear, that is, I wasn’t really sure what I was looking at.

The glass with all the caustics is well made, but the background objects distract, especially the green square that seems to be partly on the plate, partly on the table.

For two weeks working with Blender, you have learned a lot, and it shows. Congratulations. I’m looking forward to seeing more posts from you in the future. You have a good eye for color and composition, and I wouldn’t be surprised seeing some of your work in the gallery before long. :smiley:

WOW!! I really did not think, that my work is such good for the beginning! :eek:

Your comments push me extremely forward to learn more and more… I don`t know what to say really… maybe: THANK YOU! :smiley:

For two weeks, not bad

Very nice renderings, I especially like the first one, glass and candle (I suppose…) in it. Very good start!