My very first :)

Hello :slight_smile: i’v been watching Blender and the community since 2.2x and have always awwed at you all :expressionless: you cant believe how much i’v wanted to create the things in my head into 3D instead of 2d GIMP/Photoshop etc…

This is the first thing i’v made or rendered with this amazing program :slight_smile: I know its nothing yet but as i keep reading and learning i’m sure i can do something with it :smiley:

It’s gonna be a random creature…got the idea from a lizard tutorial on this forum but half way threw i decided i would do it all my way. i’ll be working on it non stop and posting it here. Wish me luck :stuck_out_tongue:

#Clay Render# Nothing special, just the head

#Mesh or w/e#

C & C are welcome :slight_smile: and i know i’m not the best of a modeler yet :wink:

If you have read through the whole tutorial you should see that he doesn’t use subsurf until the very last when he has defined all the major details.

Keep up the good work.

I always love watching people improve!


yeah, it was just like that at the time i decided to take a pic (was seeing what it looked liked)

great to see you here hope you have fun here.

Alright i just finished the lizard :smiley: without the tutorial!!! i thought it would be a hell of a learning experiance for me :slight_smile: and it was, i want to redo it :stuck_out_tongue: but off to another project to perfect my modeling skills :smiley:

#Final Render#

Very impressive. Really.

Thanks :smiley:


I think it’s better to switch SS on and off at a very early stage.
You’ll see things you don’t like quickly.