My village church


it’s the first time I post a wip here, this is my first complete blender modelisation,
I made it last week. it’s almost done for the exterior. I’m not modelling the interior (for now…). It has 22000 faces.
My goal is to search for a ‘model-style’ rendering thus don’t care about real colors.
I made some tests only with a displacement corresponding to textures…
(everything is rendered in cycles the last one is a bit noisy…).

Comments appreciated.


the true one :,4.451091&spn=0.001425,0.002411&sll=50.805935,4.432983&sspn=5.811941,9.876709&hnear=Genappe,+Brabant+Wallon,+Région+Wallonne&t=h&layer=c&cbll=50.610906,4.450533&panoid=qH0LYFbWBOVRm8PZEuj1AQ&cbp=12,52.49,,0,-3.79&z=19
and next images…

Beautiful model! Very nice job!

Thank you here is a less noisy night test 5000+ samples, its very slow for 22000 faces, in comparison with daylight renders…

I answer to myself :spin:… to show some new Cycles renders.

Feel free to comment…


I’m still a fan - it’s beautiful. Are you planning on adding the half barrel roof tiles? Do you have reference images for the church?

Thank you, here is the reference:,4.451091&spn=0.001425,0.002411&sll=50.805935,4.432983&sspn=5.811941,9.876709&hnear=Genappe,+Brabant+Wallon,+R%C3%A9gion+Wallonne&t=h&layer=c&cbll=50.610906,4.450533&panoid=qH0LYFbWBOVRm8PZEuj1AQ&cbp=12,52.49,0,-3.79&z=19
For the half barrel, I think that I’m done with this church, I’m working on the town model, and I have lots of other things to work on. Maybe I’ll add some details later…

Thanks again for comment.

Could you post your light/environment setup?

here it is, sorry for beeing late…