My Violin

Here is a violin I modeled:
The line around the edge needs to be more visible I think. The scroll was a pain to do.

Heres a shark I did too:
Check it out. Whats it need to be better? Its all node textures and lighting with compositing. The only part I used an image texture on was the jagged line between the gray and white and I used more than one material on the same mesh. I still haven’t figured out how to make it less noticeable. I used photoshop to touch it up a little. I was getting the terminator error too. I had to subdivide it many times so the darker part didn’t have polygon lines. I think the way Blender uses lighting is great but there’s got to be a fix for the terminator problem. The faces are flat and they are noticeable at certain angles. I was trying to think of a different way it would render faces. A vector mesh converter/modifier is the only thing that came to mind. You could use an algorithm that calculates the curvature of the surface of a square-plane on the mesh compared to the position of the vertices of surrounding squares and use this
calculated in cycles over the mesh by angles of light and distance only towards the camera. Just trying to help with ideas. The surface of a square on a mesh would have data in cycles that tells it its pole-angle toward the camera and calculates how big the appearance of the cycles light-attractor patterns in the mesh-square should be to avoid the terminator problem. It might be a dumb idea if it makes renders slower but then you could calculate accurate light no matter the angle on a bumpy mesh using the sum curvature of vertices covered by faces in an area to project the correct light fades only for the direction of the viewer.