My virtual girlfriend

Hello guys, this is the result of my last work. I tried to make a virtual version of my girlfriend and I’m pretty happy with the results. Id like to know your opinions and listen to your suggestions. Thank you in advance.

Background picture from:

Hair and eyebrows seem rigid, the mouth seems flat too.

Maybe we can see the real photo you used for reference? The jaw seems masculine, either you got it slightly wrong or I’m an asshole and your girlfriend is lovely I’m sure :smiley:

…The shoulders are masculine too…

…again…really sorry if it’s really like that…

the jaw and cheek bones and nose look Male

A trans maybe ?

jzf you have done some good work. Without reference photos we can’t really tell what if anything needs to be done though.

Hey guys, thank you for commenting, you are absolutely right. In fact it’s my first time modeling a woman face and I wanted it to look similar to my girlfriend’s. Unfortunately nothing unless the eyes and the hair color is close. I didn’t use a specific reference photo, I just observed her face’s details and tried to copy them. After all I’m still happy with the results because my last tries were really catastrophic. Your comments really motivate me to improve myself. Thank you!

Hi jzf

Some nice work here, some points to note though.

  1. There are some male attributes as mentioned in the thread earlier (although they can have been put across in a more polite way)
  2. These are not too difficult to solve, probably just a bit of tweaking to the model, as tomtuko suggests post some ref pics so that people can see what they are commenting on.
  3. The background is very distracting and takes center-stage, you need to do some work on this, I see that you tried to get it to match/pick up with the flowers on her neck, but it is overbearing at the moment.
  4. She does not have enough light on her so you cannot see her properly, have a look at some lighting tutorials for portraits.
  5. The skin shader looks nice, but it is difficult to see because of the lighting, there is also way too much SSS on the skin.
  6. The hair looks like it is well done. :yes:
  7. Soften the edges around the lips so that there is not such a sharp line where the lipstick meets the skin.

Looking nice so far, keep up the good work and I will be looking out for updates to her.

PS: Also tell us a bit about your workflow.


Thank you very much speed777777!! Your clear and detailed instructions gave me a better understanding of the imperfections in this image. Ill surely follow them.