My Wallet

This is my wallet that i decided to make( i wish i had money like that though :L), It was mostly to try and work on my texturing, NOTE: the background and floor were done quickly.


maybe making the shadows softer would help?
other than that, thextures are great :slight_smile:

Thank you Casio23, i’ll look at it :slight_smile:

Beside the nice textures: your money looks too fresh - add winkles ;)!

I will do some changes when i have the time to do them :slight_smile:

Great modeling, but the textures are looking low-res. Maybe you could use better textures or repeat the wood texture more often.

Yeh, i only roughly did the floor, i was more focusing on the wallet.

Is that your credit card I see :evilgrin:

Nah I’m kidding :wink:

Looks good :).

haha thanks very much:)