My water won't fall into the cube?

I already made it an obstacle.
I already baked.
But I still don’t know how to get the water to fall into the cube and stay in there!
It just falls on top of the face!


Look, I’m not trying to annoy people here.
But I went through the tutorial.

And it really helped.
and I understood everything.

However, I just can’t get my water to fall INTO the cube.


As you can see… my cube only falls ON TOP OF THE CUBE.

If there is another website that can help me.
Please re-direct me.


Set your cube obstacle to be a Shell


But the water still sticks out?
What do I do when the liquid sticks out of the cube?
Is there a way to make it stay inside?

Yes. The best way is to give the cube a solidify modifier on top of the fluid collision modifier, then set the resolution of the fluid to be higher. Hope that works!

Search the forums for fluid simulation threads. There are dozens of ways you can trip up trying to make anything half decent. The main point is, don’t expect to make anything that looks like a real fluid simulation. It’s extremely limited and much down to trial and error and optimise and optimise your scene to squeeze out as much resolution as you can before your machine crashes.