my way into Blender - Martinius

This sketchbook i will continue as a chronological documentation of
my progress with blender, beginning with the very first steps .

I started to work, or better, randomly stumbled around and experimented,
with Blender at around March 2013, and though i had some modest
experience with other 3D applications before, it was quite a hard
ride to become familiar with Blender`s user interface, as everything seems
so different to any other application i did know.

I hope this sketchbook will be encouraging for anyone
who is still new to Blender.

OK, I will start this documentation with old stuff from last year :

Being still far from anything I wanted to achieve regarding my non existing modeling skills
with Blender, at first I used the Cycles render engine to visualize
some objects i generated with structure synth.
If You are interested in generative stuff, have a look at structure synth - it´s free.


…some more experimental stuff

First trials to achieve a honeycombish topology.
This is quite easy with blender, and fast. You don´t need
Topmod anymore.

if the how-to-make-honeycomb-topology is not already an old sock
to most of you, i could prepare a tutorial about.

Experimenting with structure synth again, getting more familiar
and less random with eisenscript. I´m in general not the coder type of guy,
but this scripting language is very simple, and you need only basic
knowledge in vector geometry.

more structure synth generated stuff

some of them were resource-eating beasts regarding render time

More experiments with the possibilities of honeycomb topology.

This was modeled with Topmod, some time before I started
with Blender. Here the link to Topmod :
It´s free too.
Again made use of Michalis´displacement map.

some trials on procedural texture materials…

Now here is the state of September 2013
first full scene

background image done with Mandelbulb

modeling skills were increasing. Saw an image of a weird australian lichen
and tried to do something similar. Found out about the proportional
editing tool - what a great advance !

…separating loops

and more loops

more about honeycomb topology,
and it´s use for UV mapping

These experiments look really nice.

You seem to get getting the hang of things rather quickly considering all of the tricks you have already developed, keep it up :slight_smile:

Thank You !

for sure I will continue this thread, there is another heap of stuff waiting for an upload
until i reach my current state of work…

Fantastic work!

Compliments for your skill and good style.


another full scene, based on previous experiments

cloud background image is done with terragen

a carnivore plant

and something weird

another more full scenes

i was surprised about the effect of a strong backlight,
and as i had still null experience in generating a good looking
water material, i tried something that is more like an algae soup.
sunset background image : Terragen

background scape done with Mandelbulb and Terragen

some more weird creatures…

this happened to me with the ivy generator ( leaves removed ) -
i still don´t fully understand how it works, but the result is useful as shrub.

playing around with particle systems
in order to find a way to replicate objects
and distribute them in a nice and time friendly manner

next full scene