My WC model NOW GO VOTE!

Actually did the topic this time…

not GIR, the tall rusty one. :stuck_out_tongue:

He is missing something…?

*NEW link to ddmachine page added


that is NICE! the head looks disconnected tho.

nice textures

Wow… he ought to be super heavy, looks like made of iron. Can’t imagine how he’d bend his legs or arms… but w/e it’s fantasy anyways. Very nice job on texturing!


I decided to give him his own page!

Sweet man, but it could use some motion, some movement. Something should be happening. It seems like you’re not using it to its full potential having it just stand there.

Awesome texturing, and very interesting idea. You may get my vote . . .

ya never know what the other entries will be like.

it does look good…i think the texture around the face/shoulders is a bit too spread…try compressing it.


He has been standing…waiting for doomsday to come…and it has not…So he will rust away untill he is needed…If you look close, the machine to the right is gone :wink:

there is something about this pic that makes it so awesome!!!

good work!

image map stretching, everything else is good.

you are right…I fixed it. thanks!

GO VOTE FOR ME so I can win this thing!

Nice work, Enriq766, but there’s something that bugs me: the way you textured the limbs. Looks like it’s just a cylindrical map of the same picture for every limb. It’s especially obvious if you compare the arms (the peeling blue paint). The left leg and left arm give it away also. I don’t know, maybe offset the texture mapping so it doesn’t leap out so much at the viewer. :wink:

I already off-set the textures in the most current version…I dont want to change that pic because its what I submitted. Details like that are what make a model great instead of just good. Thanks for the feedback.