My WC:Storm Submission

Entering this in the WC as is. It’s my first not tutorial based blend and i don’t thinkit turned out too bad. I realize the lighting is semi horrible. there is only one light. It took me so long to get that light where i wanted it i didn’t want to mess with another oen without some input.

Pure Blender Internal

Please C&C

Edit:Updated url geocities hit the limit

Where’s the storm? :wink:

I was sitting in my room the other night and i glanced up at the window the rain was just leaving drops and cool shapes that caught the light from my room (it was dimmly lit). It’s subtle and the whole scene could prolly use a little less subdlty but that’s part of why i’m looking for the C&C.


well at least remove the stars if its a storm you arnt going to see them.

see there not stars it’s actually a norm map on the glass that picks up the light. The effect i think could be helped by better lighting, any sugestions?


Ok I changed the plane outside the window to have a darker color and i like that better personally. I also increased the effect of the texture for the normal map, and adjusted it to be longer vertically which gives a little more apearance of rain washing down than stars. I tried adding a fill light up to the right and a very low energy light outside but didn’t like the effect it had (I could have done it wrong or something).

Any suggestions?

PS - I left the first one for refrence as well as because i didn’t want to mess with the chalenge.

Looks nice and well conducted.

Crit: The problem is that this looks too perfect. Maybe you should add scratches to the wall and peeling wallpaper to get a more ominous feeling, and add a lightning bolt outside. Possibly add to the window frame some imperfections, such as splinters and pieces missing. Add maybe some texture to the window (such as stains), and add a trail of water going down the window.

EDIT: You can also decorate the walls with pictures that have picture frames made of deteriorating wood.

I kind of like the idea of messing with the wall paper a little i’m thinking right at the bottom corner of the window doing like a water stain running down like the window leaks or something. How would i go about doing that?

right now the wall is one texture just repeated, do i have to make new faces where i want the stain and then align the textures?



Well, I don’t know how to do that, but I do have a thought in how to come about messing with the wallpaper. You can always make the wall one object, then overlay it with the wallpaper. You can then deform the wallpaper and add cuts to it.

Right now the wallpaper is like a 100x100 image i through together in photoshop real quick; stretched and repeated to get the effect. To make it one big image that fits the wall i would have to make it one huge picture right? Any idea how i find out the dimensions of the wall to make ian image to fit it?

Make a tree in the baground or the moon behind som skies and add a hemi to lighted the shadow with maybe darkblue, anyway looks good :smiley: KUTGW

Added a tree, uh it’s my first tree and it looks kinda wierd, same problem i always had drawing trees as a kid the top looks funny.

The tree is lit with two lights, one dark blue the other light yellow both low power (.5)

Added the blue light to the shadow very suddle does it need more?

The tree brings out the effect in the glass more you can kind of tell it’s supposed to be rain better now, and the lack of leaves gives some context i think.



Alright I turned on shadows for the tree lights and added a third light to the tree to hit the shadowed areas a little bit.

In the second image i changed the rederer to yafray, why is it coming out so dark? Not that i mind blenders renderings I’m just wondering.

Please more C&C, I’ve already learned a lot just from this project. If you think the overall concept sucks i can take that too.


Blender Internal:

firstly i really like the idea of this pic, and its not a bad pic for a for your own first work. though i agree that the wallpaper needs to be a little less perfect. the wood grain on the window frame looks really good, though could probably be scaled down a bit more. perhaps you could put some clouds outside the window being lit up by lightning to make it a little more interesting.

anyways nice work. oh and if you render with yafray, you need to crank up the amount of light in the scene.


I keep seeing everyone do clouds, where are the good cloud tutorials? Admitadly i haven’t searched but i also haven’t stumbled upon any in my searches.