my weakness

hello everyone, i present my last work in blender 2.65.
Used BI to render.
Please tell me what you think, i have a few months learning in Blender.

not bad :smiley: But isn’t the texture the wrong way? Normally the coke is at the bottom and facing the other way…but other than that, good job :smiley: Did you use Andrew Price’s tutorial for this?

Sodas destroy the bones because get rid the calcium in your body

Yes i used the andrew’s tutorial. I know the coca cola is bad, i try to leave it

nothing happens for drinking coca cola occasionally… i drink like 9-10 cans a year.

Two things that stand out to me (at least for cans in my area) the bottom rim of the can is not usually printed, it’s usually just the treated aluminum, and I think a little more gloss is needed. Other than that it looks great.