My web page and head tutorial

Hello, I’ve just gotten my, well all right my brother did the code and I did the layout, web page together.
here’s the link:

Noy much of content yet, but I’ve whipped up this head tutorial, so maybe it will be helpfull to someone:


So, please do comment about the design and my tutotrial.


Hippie, like the site! I would have your images open in a separate window, tho, as well as any links you might add to your “links” section. This is so people don’t “lose their place” when surfing your site… good work so far, tho. Like the graphics, and the tutorial looked good, too, even tho I just scanned over it…

very good, i will be trying that later, i have never really understood how to texture a head, now i do


mzungu: Thanks. You are right about the images. I should make them open in different window. And what comes on the tutorial, I am planning, that if I make more, I’ll make the tutorial section so, that it just contains the links and then they open in their own window.

Burns: Thanks man. I am happy if my tutorial helped you with that.

So, more comments are welcome.

Very nice tutorial. I have jumbled around with LSCM feature after veiwing the video tut at blender3d and had no luck. I think I got lost in the pinning feature. I made a couple head models and tried LSCM on them. First, I think I made to many seam islands. You seem to have pulled it off with a couple seams. Then, after pinning the ears, they still didnt unwrap right. And I saw the stitching feature, but have no clue what would happen to my model after all my LSCM mishaps. But I read through your tutorial slowly and it looks like a great step by step. I’m sure it will help me get closer to achieving bettr results with LSCM(and the pinning feature. And hopefully the stitching too).
Thanks for your tutorial.

Thanks dukytyme.

I wrote that UV mapping part mainly because I haven’t seen any tutorials about UV wrapping with LSCM feature and how pinning and stitching work.
And before you all say what about vide tutroials? Well I got lousy connection, so I haven’t even tried DL:ing those video tuts.
We still do need regular written down tutorials, besides some people benefit more from written word.

I’ve done some minor updating on my page, I actually have links in my link section, pretty standard stuff.

about the layout:
I like the idea, but it would be even better, if you’d remove that black border, and make the inside more blend to the background. you know, so it would look like you have a paper where you sketched on… now you have paper on paper where you sketched.
also I’m not a great fan of that glow effect on rollovers.

and as you have the tear-off effect on those edges of menus and header… maybe dropshadow to white on those, so it would look more real.


nice site!
that tutorial is very useful,the only thing that can be better,is that the images need to be bigger,make them click-able.

great work.

Very neat site and tutorial.
Crits on site:
Very neat and simple layout, I like it. Only thing is, when I clicked on the tutorial section, it led me directly to the Head Tutorial (i was hoping there were others :stuck_out_tongue: ). So you might want to make a seperate page where you can put the links to your tutorials along with a short description. Other than that, I thought the site was pretty good.
Crits on tut:
Not much to say about it… It was clear easy to understand. However, I think you put the subsurf a little too high on the model. Also, the final render, IMO, should be without hair, to clearly show the readers how the model should look with textures.
Other than that, everything else was pretty straight forward.

Thanks from the feed back :smiley:

Aravinda: yes, you are right about the tutorial section. I actually tought of that my self, but as you’ve noticed I only have one, so I didn’t see the point. But rest assured, if I ever do another one there will be a decent tutorial index.

And, there is a a render of the head without textures :wink:

Leon: I’ll put that under my thinking cap, thanks from the idea.

Basee: thanks from the comments. All taken under consideration.