My web site: First unofficial premiere!!!!! :-)

(Timonides) #1


Well, I’d like to talk to you about my web site!!! It is dedicated to my 3d work and Blender (ofcourse… :wink: ).

So far it’s not completed some links might not work, the gallerie contains only a few crappy images and I have placed a guestbook that it seems it’s not working… :frowning: . But I’m gonna fix them all really soon, so stay tuned 8) .

In case you’d like to visit it, I would like to post here if you have any comments or suggestions. They are welcomed (and encouraged I’d say… :wink: ).

The link is:

Thanks in advance…


(Xampersand) #2

Looks like you’ve got a good start, just keep updating.

(VelikM) #3

Nice start!

(Timonides) #4

Thanks for your kind words!!!

I’ve fixed the problem with the guestbook and I also added a visitors counter in the main page… 8)

Now I am going to focus on adding more images in the gallerie section and… a nice tutorial!!! 8) I won’t tell you right now what it’s all about, but you will hear news from me soon!!! 8)



(valarking) #5

Swweeet site man!

(Timonides) #6

Well, thanks… :smiley:

Ohhh, and it seems I had 27 visitors since yesterday!!! Now that’s encouraging!!! :smiley: Although I’m the only one who signed that guest book :stuck_out_tongue:

Although 27 might seem few to you, I say I am very satisfied…

Now the tutorial will be ready soon. When it’s finished I’ll announce my official premiere… 8)